Gold watches

The most affordable gold watch in 2019

The gold watch is making a comeback. They always happen in high-level activities, but now you will see more and more people swaying gold as their everyday watch. Let's take a look at some affordable gold watches to get you started. But first, we need to solve some problems. There are actually two gold watches: gold-plated watches and pure gold watches. Gold-plated watches are stainless steel watches that are coated with a thin layer of gold through a variety of different processes. Wipe them with a steel brush and you can reach the stainless steel below. On the other hand, the actual gold watch has always been gold. This obviously requires more gold, not just plating on the outside of the watch, so they spend more money. Although even a good gold-plated watch will not be less than a few hundred dollars, but now I will bring you to choose an affordable gold watches. There are also different kinds of watch movements - the internal position actually keeps them in time. Almost all expensive luxury watches are fully mechanical manual or automatic movements. The quartz movement uses a battery. Just like the last time we watched a watch, we were only interested in automatic watches. As long as you wear them, they will not stop working, which makes them more advantageous on mechanical watches. If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars to buy a gold watch, you might get a logo with a mechanical masterpiece that definitely exceeds the quartz watch. The low price is obviously here, but in less than $300, reef tiger is very affordable for automatic gold watches. It can be said that the best affordable gold watches is found at this price. Reef tiger brings everything we are looking for, and more. The hand, the dial mark, the case, and even the linked bracelet are all gold-plated. The reef tiger is obviously not flawed - and the black dial is well offset. It has a perspective case, so you can see the automatic movement, the date/date display, and the power reserve of about 41 hours, so if you take it for the next two days, it won't stop. Reef tiger is also a reputable brand, and in the 1970s and 1980s almost introduced the Swiss manufacturing industry, so it has a good reputation in the field of watches and clocks. People who don't have a snobby watch will criticize your choice. The only real drawback of reef tiger is its shell size. 44.5 mm is definitely the big end of the watch. On the other hand, if you want to buy an affordable gold watches, you may want people to notice it.