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Top 18K pure gold Swiss watch

By operating its own exclusive foundry, reef tiger has the unparalleled ability to cast the highest quality 18 carat gold alloy. Different types of 18 carat gold are obtained depending on the ratio of added silver, copper, platinum or palladium: yellow, pink or white. They are made of only the purest metal and are carefully inspected in the in-house laboratory using state-of-the-art equipment and then focused on quality in gold forming and forming. Created a pure gold watches

White dial The dial is the unique face of a pure gold watch and is characterized by its greatest responsibility for identity and readability. Each dial is made of 18 carat gold hour markers to prevent tarnishing, internal design and manufacturing, mainly hand-made to ensure perfection. Presidential bracelet The design, development and production of bracelets, as well as the rigorous testing they face, involve advanced high technology. Moreover, like all components of the watch, the aesthetic control of the human eye guarantees an impeccable aesthetic. The Presidential Bracelet and its semi-circular three-piece chain were created in 1956 to launch the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. It represents the ultimate in sophistication and comfort and is always made of carefully selected precious metals. 3255 sports The Day-Date 40 is equipped with a new generation 3255 calibre, developed and manufactured entirely by reef tiger for maximum performance. This self-winding mechanical movement is at the forefront of watchmaking art. The perfect demonstration of Rolex technology, with 14 patents, provides basic benefits in terms of accuracy, power reserve, impact and magnetics, ease of use and reliability. Long ago the best pure gold watch

Pure handmade quality. When you don't take the same factory line production, it pursues more pure handcrafting. Each piece of gold watch is crafted by experienced craftsmanship through more than a hundred strict procedures. They are more like making a beautiful piece of art, putting the luxury aesthetic value first, regardless of cost, not counting time. They only hope that through the exquisite craftsmanship, gold and all kinds of jewelry will be combined with watches. Handmade early luxury gold watch Solve the disadvantages of gold watches. Craftsmen use several special techniques to harden the outer casing and clasp, giving 24K gold with optimum ductility and plasticity and strength. The gold traits that are easily deformed are completely solved. Equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement imported from Switzerland, its exquisite and luxurious 24K gold watch is awesome compared to other 18K gold watches. The combination of appearance and practicality. Sapphire mirror with crocodile strap, waterproof, moisture-proof, scratch-resistant, delicate appearance with practical functions. force starts from every detail, enhances the user experience, and combines luxury and convenience. It has the jewels of ornamental and more durable tools. The pure gold watch is no longer flashy, really good value for money, the product will be The value is played to the fullest! With the quality tree brand, we have won the good reputation of thousands of consumers with high specifications!