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gold. The symbol of the first place; the representative of power; the symbol of entering a fictional chocolate factory. There is no doubt; especially when used to make watches, gold is bold. Tanning the choice of skin tones, gold is reminiscent of the summer of the year. Do it right, this is the perfect statement for any occasion. In fact, gold can be considered the most iconic keynote of a watch, bringing eternal and refined advantages. Gold will never grow old. The best real gold watch for anyone who wants to add gold flash to each outfit. Nothing is more luxurious than luxury Real gold watches can be said to be extravagant. Now, you might think they are very expensive and exceed your budget. In fact, if you decide to buy and purchase through the monthly payment system, then there are some affordable models - more affordable. This will allow you to share the payment, just like you rent a car or car.   First, let's talk about a very common problem you will encounter when looking for a real gold watch. Some gold-tone watches. These are not real gold. They are golden. Now, this doesn't mean they are not good watches. There are a lot of very good real watches. In fact, if you like the golden look, just like the color, then you might want a gold watch. Companies like reef tiger are doing very well. I will introduce them below.   A watch made of real gold. These are the watches of people looking for real gold watches. Many people are not completely golden. For example, the RGA820 has a very beautiful look with a gold strap - but the surface of his watch is another color. These are watches that have real gold in their designs. The high end will cost a lot of money. These are watches like Rolex. They are beautiful watches. Products at an affordable price will be gold plated. They use a process that combines gold with stainless steel. So, you get a gold watch instead of pure gold. Your most common terms are gold-plated and gold-plated stainless steel. High-end watches will have actual gold in the links. They usually don't always sell gold, but a gold link, then a stainless steel link, and so on. In addition to the price, the only big difference between a gold-plated watch and a real gold watch is that gold plating will begin to fade and fade after a few years. This is because a chemical reaction must occur when they bond gold to the surface of another metal. The real mens gold watch will not go through this process. A beautiful gold-plated watch is priced between $100 and $400. Watches with pure gold in the links will start from a few thousand, up to tens of thousands.