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Low profile special ladies rose gold watch

In many cultures, the rose gold watches is synonymous with exquisiteness. Since ancient times, gold has been accompanied by human stories. It dates back to Neolithic costumes and jewellery, and gold coins have been used in the classical era. Over the years, goldsmiths have combined it with different metals, such as silver, palladium and even iron, to enhance their power and create new shades. It is the watchmaker's favorite material for making cases, bracelets and certain other components. Rose gold, an alloy of gold, copper and silver, is appreciated for its style and subtlety. To decorate the wrists of men and women in an elegant manner

The woman who swims with the present ignores the deafening whisper of the bourgeoisie: "In 2019, everyone has a mobile phone, why should they wear it on the wrist? This is stale. This is a cliché. This is self-indulgence." A good rose gold ladies watches, given to you, is not only a matter of watching time, but more importantly, a symbol of identity and a good ornament. Now know that these cowards will never understand. They have no taste. For those who have disposable income that allows for the indulgence of non-essential items, the rose gold watches is bold. This is the point, put something on your wrist that might tell you time, but you definitely don't need time to tell the function and announce to the world: I have succeeded. Below I introduce you to a rose gold watches for ladies. Reef tiger's RGA1585, this is a beautifully designed diamond rose gold automatic watch. The outer ring of the dial is made of rose gold as the main body. It is decorated with diamonds. It is a kind of beauty that can't be said. The white strap is more suitable. Ms. Yu, the movement uses the Japanese Yudai 82S0 automatic movement, the time is more accurate, the case: polished stainless steel case with rose gold, crystal: anti-scratch sapphire crystal, dial: white dial, Roman numeral marker strap: calfskin The strap and the buckle are waterproof, so that the waterproof effect is 50 meters, so that the ladies can swim in the pool with their beloved rose gold watch, without worrying about the water in the watch, the case Only 35 mm in diameter, it looks more beautiful and noble on the lady's hand. The thickness of the case is 11.5 mm. This thickness is actually in the best position. It is too thin to look like it is too thick. It is too heavy and heavy. The length of the strap is 23CM and the bandwidth of the watch is only 22mm. This is just for the ladies. The best rose gold watches designed,