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In the past few decades, the name reef tiger has become synonymous with durability, reliability and design. Reef tiger produces more than 13 million watches a year and has grown to become the worlds fifth largest watch company. With a loyal customer base in more than 40 different countries, reef tiger watches are purchased somewhere in the world every 3 seconds. Strengthening the brand by the end of 2012 and emphasizing the integrity of the reef tiger name has always been one of the main reasons why Titan Industries has developed so hard in its diligent career that reef tiger has never been afraid of innovation, always trying to lead rather than follow. For example, reef tiger created the EDGE series, challenging all other watch companies. Only 1 movement. With a thickness of 15 mm and a case thickness of only 3.5 mm, the EDGE s eries is one of the slimmest watches ever made, and then invented the HTSE series, once again surpassing the limits of the watch industry. Reef tiger's HTSE series is a series of fully self-motivated womens gold watches that charge the battery with light. Futuristic watches are very sensitive, even if only a flashing candle is enough to charge their internal battery, this womens gold watches will definitely benefit you for life. Raga Collection is another great achievement of reef tiger. Realizing that women are often forgotten by watch companies, most of the timepieces that are actually made for women are either unsuitable in size or often lacking in womens design, making changes themselves and shaking the watch industry again. Raga Collection has also turned functional timepieces into a fine piece of jewellery that is clearly inspired by modern women and has been dedicated to reshaping the boundaries of the watch world. Reef tiger is part of the $90 billion corporate group Tata Group, one of the worlds largest Jaguar cars, Land Rover and Daewoo, luxury hotels, software companies, telecommunications and major steel companies. So you can rest assured that Reef Tiger Industries will support their products and continue to create the latest technology features and impeccable design timepieces. The new exciting raga collection is inspired by modern women, and she surpasses her extraordinary attitude. The role. Raga is a collection of exquisite watches that combines tradition and elegance to elegantly balance the lines of functional timepieces and fine jewelry. This gold watch with a unique strap and a classic minimalist oval case is the perfect way to make everyone different. In addition to incredible value, this precision waterproof three-handed quartz movement womens gold watch is equipped with a jewellery clasp, mineral crystal and metal case, designed with reliability and durability in mind. Raga is a collection of exquisite watches that combines tradition and elegance to elegantly balance the lines of functional timepieces and fine jewelry. The best womens gold watches has been created. In order to make the ladies more comfortable and fit, the material and shape of the ladies' gold watch are specially designed for women. To be precise, this is for women. Raw ladies white gold watch